The Massively Collaborative Future of Fashion: Leland Maschmeyer will share his thoughts on a future where fashion is massively collaborative. Specifically, how might fashion be more collaborative? What might those business models look like? How does the concept of a "fashion designer" change? How might it change the fashion? This will be a provocative talk designed to get the wheels in the entrepreneurs' heads spinning with new ideas.

What You'll Learn:


  • Key technology trends that faciliatate collaboration
  • The architecture of mass collaboration
  • Ideas for collaborative business models



About Leland:  Leland Maschmeyer is a creative director and partner at Collins — a brand identity and experience design firm in NYC. He speaks globally on the topic of mass collaboration and how companies can design for it. He teaches “Interaction Design” and “Designer as Entrepreneur” at the School of Visual Arts MFA Design program.  His brand work has won awards for new media innovation, design craft, brand experience innovation, social media strategy, and innovative use of technology.  He is the author of Triumph of the Commons: 55 Theses on the FutureCampaign mag selected Leland for its “Global 30 Under 30” list. 

Twitter: @leemaschmeyer