Want to learn how to cost your fashion product and make sure you are making a profit? Looking for tips and pricing strategies for your fashion products?  This Class will walk you through everything you need to know on how to cost your fashion product and determine your wholesale and retail prices to make sure you are profitable. 


WHO IS IT FOR: This workshop is geared towards anyone who is intended to or currently selling fashion products (clothing, accessories, jewelry etc.). 

What would you learn in this workshop:

·       What to include in a cost sheet and how to calculate your product cost.
·       What should be your mark-up and margins, and how to determine your wholesale and retail prices
·       Costing tips and strategy
·       How to work with the cost sheet.

Included with this workshop is a FREE cost sheet template.. This is a very easy to use, user friendly excel sheet that was developed by Boaz David. 

About Boaz David - Founder, HumanB

Boaz David is the founder and president of Human B, a New York firm providing consultancy and product management services for the fashion industry. Here Boaz channels his design background and all-around business and management experience, helping emerging designers start, build and grow their fashion brand.

Born and raised In Israel, Boaz moved to NYC nearly 20 years ago after graduating with a B.A in fashion design. With years of experience in the contemporary and designer markets, Boaz established himself as an expert in technical/garment construction and production.  He was responsible for setting up and directing design and production departments for brands such as Yigal Azrouel, Nili Lotan, Alice & Trixie and Raven among others, including his own namesake women’s brand which was sold in high-end specialty stores throughout the US and around the world.

Boaz was instrumental in launching the highly acclaimed New York brands: Pret-A-Surf, Alvin Valley, Daniel Vosovic and ADEAM while his team oversees their product development and production among other brands. Recently Human B launched an education department offering online workshops and seminars for the creative fields.

Boaz is also the co-founder of Indie Design Association – a website that offers resources, support, education and community for indie fashion designers. He is also an advisory board member for Fashion Circle – a fashion business management firm.