The Future of Commerce:  Shopping isn't what it used to be.  A bevy of exciting technologies have shifted power - and are even selling themselves - to the customer and to grassroots marketplaces.  Just like ecommerce transformed retail, concepts like me-commerce and recommerce are doing the same all over again, backed by an onslaught of new gadgets.  The traditional over-the-counter, top-down relationship to the customer is under siege, creating both crisis and opportunity for marketers.

Retail and technology expert Liza Kindred explores how new devices and technologies are changing our world and explains ways you can connect with customers no matter where they are - and while they're doing nearly anything.  She'll touch on the 21 new business models explored in her upcoming book (The Third Wave of Commerce: How We Buy Now, O'Reilly, 2014) and give exciting examples of how innovative companies are building and shaping tomorrow's commerce landscape, today.

About Liza:  Liza Kindred is the founder of fashion tech think tank Third Wave Fashion. They provide insights and education to brands, investors and startups about the exploding world of fashion tech. The company publishes the only monthly Fashion Tech Report in the world, and has a database of 750+ fashion tech startups. Liza is writing a book about the future of commerce (The Third Wave of Commerce: How We Buy Now, O'Reilly, 2014), and speaks frequently about the future of fashion and the future of commerce. She also serves as cofounder of Lacquerous, a nail polish rental startup, and as advisor to a number of fashion tech startups.

You can find her in Brooklyn, or on Twitter at @LizaK