Non-Traditional Funding Methods: Learn the most accessible ways to raise money for your business, including micro-finance, peer-to-peer lending, and crowd-funding platforms.

What You'll Learn: 

  • The fundraising and lending options that are available for the "everyday" entrepreneur
  • How to know what method is right for you, and which ones are not a good fit
  • The information and documents you can expect to hand over if you want to receive money

About Liz:  Liz Long is Co-Founder at Bag the Habit, a company that make a variety of reusable shopping solutions using 100% eco-textiles. Founded in 2007, Bag the Habit has replaced millions of paper and plastic disposables through the sale of it's products and partnered with brands like Martha Stewart, Oprah, and Guess Jeans to create custom reusable bags. 

Through a partnership with Skillshare, Liz has taught hundreds of students about product design, production, and raising money for a business. She also acts as a 'Maker's Row Pro' on the sourcing platform, offering guidance to emerging designers.

Follow Liz on Twitter: @_LizLong