POP UP RETAIL STRATEGY:  Learn how to effectively plan and execute a pop up retail store.  From pre-production to execution, including creating marketing buzz and incorporating experiential events.

About Melissa:  CEO & Founder of Lion'esque Group, Advisor to TheStorefront.com.

The Lionesque Group (aka Lion'esque Media) has produced over 60 pop-up retail experiences in New York City, Los Angeles and the Hamptons.

Beginning with the vision of the branded experience, the Lionesque Group guides clients throughout the entire lifecycle of the "pop-up experience." The advisory continues with project management from pre-planning to store opening, and concludes with the merging of Lionesque Group's knowledge of social media strategy with the company's deep Rolodex of partners and sponsors. The team is with their client every step of the way to ensure that the brand's online presence is utilized to drive customer traffic to the store and the pop-up store captures both current and new customer appeal, bridging a multi-channel platform retail strategy.

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