Wearable Technology:  Discover the innovative and wildly creative world of wearable technology!  In this session, Amanda Parkes and Chris Walker will chat about everything from smart fabrics to smart watches.  How far can wearable tech go?  What does this mean for brands and designers?  Which innovations in the space are most notable?

About Amanda: Amanda Parkes is a media designer & technologist interested in how digital technologies and smart materials can expand our relationship with natural phenomena to facilitate a more intuitive connection between technology and the natural world. She completed her PhD in the Tangible Media Group at the MIT Media Lab with a concentration on computational materiality in kinetic interfaces as an area of innovation in future products - combining principles of abstracted motion in robotics with hybrid materials to empower designers in the process of kinetic improvisation and motion prototyping. She is the co-founder and the CTO of Bodega Algae.  She currently teaches at the Columbia University Dept of Architecture with course topics including body augmentation and wearable electronics.

About Chris: Chris Walker is the founder of Secret Labs LLC and inventor of the Netduino open source electronics platform.  Secret Labs has teamed up with House of Horology to manufacture the AGENT Smartwatch.